In other news

…so part of why I love volunteering to do Safe Kids events is because I get to hang out with some rare and fascinating people. During yesterday’s auto show double-shift, I worked with at least 5 different police officers. Let me just say, cops and copettes have the BEST stories. Ever. (Unless they are about the neighborhood your currently live in, then the stories are creepy and fear-inspiring)

So I got to hear about a “baby daddy” who ran away from a car seat check when he saw some of the cops working the event. Follow-up story: they arrested him about 3 days later. Hah! Gotcha!

I also got to hear about the Jessica Simpson concert one policeman was working. He said she definitely didn’t look as *big* as the footage they’ve been showing of her on the news, web, magazines, etc. He said she did, however, have whacked out hair and makeup–didn’t really look like herself at all, and seemed not quite *right*. He said she stopped and wanted to pray…at a concert. OK. She was drinking from a travel mug (water? coffee? tea? _____(fill in the blank?) and kept missing cues to her songs and forgetting words, had a bit of a breakdown and left the stage. Whacky.

I also got hit on by a high schooler (which was semi-flattering) who told me he was planning to become a father in about 2 years (yikes!) and would probably need to learn some car seat safety. He then asked if I would let him sit in the race car seat we had at our display to show kids that the harnesses and buckles they have to wear are a lot like one Nascar drivers wear to keep them safe in their cars. I told him no. At least 3 times. I did, however, let him have some Starburst candies.

At 4:30 in the afternoon there was a tight rope walker who walked a wire strung up above the auto show floor. It gave me the worst heebie-jeebies I’ve had in a long while. Not only were there no nets and he had no safety equipment whatsoever, but he did things like stop and wave at everyone, sit down then stand up again, and even lay down on the wire and stand back up. My skin is still crawling from that one. I don’t care if he’s a seventh-generation tight rope walker, that’s just nutz. His next world-record attempt is to walk a wire strung across the Grand Canyon–it will be 2,000 feet above the ground and span a mile and a half. That is insane. What if a bird or Eagle flies by and knocks him off? Small gust of wind? Ugh…must stop thinking about this.

Finally, I spent many hours wondering what people who were snapping pictures of the $1.4 million car they couldn’t touch or sit in were going to do with all those pictures. Print them out? Frame them? Photo shop themselves into the picture?

Despite today’s aching feet, it was an entertaining and interesting day.


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