A love story

Dan will be speaking at camp Valentine’s weekend this year. He asked a loooong time ago if that would be OK, and I told him that was fine with me. Valentine’s Day has never, ever been my favorite.

(Rabbit trail: Then I started thinking, didn’t we get engaged on Valentine’s Day? I’ll have to check the pillow mom Scott made for our engagement, I’m pretty sure it has the date on it.)

In an effort to make this Dan-less Valentine’s weekend fun and special for the kids and I, we invited 3 friends over for a V-day party. This will give us something to work together preparing for, a fun event for the kids to enjoy, and their friends’ parents get to go out on a date while the kids are at the party!

So, we’re redeeming Valentine’s Day. And I’m already looking forward to it. Thinking in shades of red, pink and purple, and all things heart shaped.

I’m also going to write our love story and reveal a little bit each day, or as I have time to write it.


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