78 cents worth of creativity

While Dan was at church this morning, the kids and I worked on a project to help decorate for our upcoming Valentine’s Day party. We used 2 boxes of red Christmas lights we bought on clearance for 39 cents each, a silver box that was headed for the recycling bin, duck tape (not to be confused with duct tape) and a pair of scissors.

hearts 004 by you.
Although Dan’s not too fond of the “Scott’s flaming hot heart”, the kids l.o.v.e.
it. I think I’ll need to adjust it tomorrow, it’s hangin’ a little funny. But this
gives you a bit of an idea of how it came out. Hope the neighbors enjoy
looking at it as they drive by!

hearts 008


6 thoughts on “78 cents worth of creativity”

  1. Dude, I’m just stating the facts. Certain colors/symbols just stand for stuff. Like, say, you put a little rainbow sticker on your car bumper. You might just like rainbows. Some people might have a different idea.

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