Really, I’m just one day older

I’m kinda like my dad in that I don’t want a huge fuss for my birthday. I’d rather have you appreciate me 365 days a year than make a huge effort all on one day. When I woke up, Elli told me I needed to put on the purple birthday slippers my friend Amelia made for me. Since it’s MI and cold, I let her pick out a pair of socks to match the slippers. (Note to self: get Elli tested for color-blindness…)

happy Birthday flip-flops w/ socks

Dan and the girls redeemed a coupon a local grocery store had sent me for a free 7″ cake on my birthday. I was thrilled! First of all, I ❤ free and secondly Dan (or I) didn’t have to be bothered with making a cake for me.

the free cake! by you.

I offered to let the kids decorate it “for me” using some leftover Halloween cookie icing. They were so excited! They did a lot of finger-licking whilst decorating. Here’s my finished “custom” cake.

my custom cake by you.
We had a very “normal” day–except for all the phone calls of birthday wishes.
I made baked “fried” chicken, sweet potatoes, stir-fried sugar snap peas, and mandarin oranges with fresh blueberries for dinner. Then we dug into the cake with some cookie dough ice cream for dessert!
I enjoyed wearing a new pair of jeans with sassy and shiny back pockets on
them, opening a super fun new Le Sport Sac purse, trendy pin, and amassing some shopping spree money.
The best gift of all, though, was a card from Dan–which included his ipod and
the remote to the docking station. He had made me a birthday mix
(absolutely NO kiddie music)–a modern-day “mix tape”.

My birthday card + playlist


3 thoughts on “Really, I’m just one day older”

  1. Glad you had a GREAT birthday, and so fun to see the flip flops in action!! With socks (I do that too 🙂 And that cake? Just priceless. Love it!! Glad you had a fabulous day! Next year I’ll take you out for coffee.

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