spa day

Today at MOPS was spa day. We were told to come in comfy clothes and bring a yoga mat or towel. Beyond being told some massage therapy students would be giving us massages and some light stretching exercises, I had no expectations for this day. I pulled out my 2003 DKNY J.Lo-esque silver velour sweat suit (even though my expanded *backside* now gives me pantylines when wearing it…) and decided to make the best of the day.

My kids were champs at getting ready to go this morning—I think having daddy home to help out made a huge difference. I wasn’t sure if we were going to be fed, so I ate a small-ish (but probably not small enough, according to previously mentioned increased “junk in trunk”) bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats and we headed out.

After I dropped my kids off, I found my nametag and drew a group name (I was a “Smootchable”) out of a jar. My little piece of paper had #37 on the back, which meant I had won a door prize! Already, this day was off to a good start.

My first station was “breakfast”. Which was basically a homemade version of the Melting Pot. There were vats of chocolate fondue with fresh fruit and baked goods for dipping. Crackers, grapes, and cheese as well as Panera bagels and cream cheese completed the spread. There were lemons or cucumbers to add to our ice water or coffee slush punch to drink. Starting off the day by eating chocolate dipped strawberries and pineapple should be made mandatory.

During breakfast, a mentor mom called me outside the room for a minute. She handed me an envelope and said, “someone special wanted to send you something special today”. Having no idea who or what would be inside the envelope, I tore it open and found a love letter from Dan—complete with a self-photo and word-puzzle he had drawn for me in his Moleskine– that was so incredibly luscious that it made me cry right where I stood reading it.

Next we moved on to the “makeup” station. I volunteered to be the “model”, which basically meant I got to have my makeup done. I felt like one of the people on “What not to Wear” (not only because of what I was wearing) oohing and aahing over myself in a makeup mirror as I was polished and gilded—drawing out my features and learning about makeup application. Had there been product sitting there to purchase, I’m sure I would have gone stark mad buying it all up I felt and looked so good afterward.

Thirdly was the hair styling and eyebrow waxing station. I haven’t had my brows waxed in (this is so embarrassing) years. I can’t keep up with my bushy eye-toppers with my old tweezers and don’t want to spend the money for waxing, so this was truly an answer to prayer.


After getting tortured with the hot wax and paper pulling, it was on to the hair styling. My unwashed mass of curly frizz was straightened and turned into a sexy straight falling-in-my-eyes in a totally Averil Lavigne kind of way do. Ponytail holder on wrist, not in hair is kind of a nice feeling!

dark purple nails

After looking ready for a night on the town, it was time to give our over-washed and under-moisturized hands some attention. A paraffin dip and speed-manicure did wonders for my paws. As soon as I got home, I put on my “big” ring because my hands looked so good I felt that they could carry off the rocks.

Time had started to turn against us, and I had time for only one more station. It was either yoga or massage. Although my brain screamed for a massage, I know this body desperately needs the discipline of some yoga, Pilates (which my mom used to pronounce “py-lates”), and intentional exercise. It was great! I thanked the instructor for giving me some ideas of things I could be doing to strengthen my core while watching Biggest Loser instead of sitting on the futon shoving Butterfinger-encrusted brownies in my mouth.

spaday 003 by you.

Spa day was a BLAST. Watching myself and other moms transform while relaxing, laughing, be taken care of, beautified, complimented, stretched out, and just taking a little bit of time for ourselves was enlightening. Taking care of ourselves definitely falls by the wayside (at least for me) when we are so focused on caring for little ones. I’ve definitely got to do this more often. I’m going to go change into some sexy jeans and wait for Dan to get home…


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