the Fenomena known as Facebook

Dan started Facebooking long before I jumped on the train. He’d come home with jaw-dropping stories of “guess who I found” and “so-and-so is married and lives in ____ (insert state you’d never believe anyone would live in) now”.

So, I timidly joined in on the fracas. Creating my account and searching the best-looking picture of myself that I could find. (Even if it was from like 4 years ago…OK, fine…yes, it was more like 6. *sigh* The pressure to look good on here is just so immense!)

I admit I was very nervous about who I might “run into” on F-book. Friends I was a little relieved to categorize as “previous”, teachers, former co-workers that maybe got on my nerves a little bit, ex boyfriends, classmates, and who knows who else?

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine how this crazy social network thing would affect me.

I found the Murphs (we all graduated from Cedarville in ’99) who were were at about the same stage in their adoption process that we were in. It was wonderful to find community with them in our concurrent family-expansion processes. It has been thrilling to share pictures of our children overseas and commiserate about the red-tape and paper pushing pauses and frustrations we’ve experienced along the way. I sure do hope they have Ewen and we have Taye in time for our 10 year reunion at the ‘ville this fall!

The ex-boyfriend (the one I was dreading finding on Facebook) popped up. I thought, “well, I’d better ask to be his friend or I’m always going to wonder and worry knowing he’s on here and we’re not amicable”. He resonded to my friend request and we got caught up on each other’s lives. He wrote me an apology for how he treated me “way back when”. Seriously, does this happen to people in real life, or do I live in a movie? How many of you wonder where an ex is and whether they ever think of you and if they feel bad about how they treated you or how things  ended? I never, ever imagined anything like that would happen with this guy. We message back and forth sometimes and I’m currently trying to nail him down on where he stands with God–something we discussed at length during high school–he and I being the only 2 baptists at very charismatic high school.

My old (in the sense that it was a long time ago, not that either of us is…elderly) Sunday school teacher found a few of us girls that were in her SS class and posted pictures of us in our Sunday finest with our huge hair from the 80’s. What a memory. What is the most awesome is that most (if not all) of us are still strong in our faith.

Sharing and seeing pictures of each others kids is priceless.

And the recipe sharing. Oh the recipe sharing!

Memories of some of the best times of our lives. And blackmail quality photos being scanned and posted to help us remember, in case we might have forgotten! (Thanks Kristie Sue!)

Being able to “hang out” with other adults during the day for this SAHM has been therapeutic.

Reading someone’s status and send them a note of encouragement or message them off-line in order to be more specific, send advice, put people in contact with someone who can help them, etc. is somethng I never imagined but appreciate highly.

And who doesn’t love leaving a comment one someone else’s status or reading what people comment on yours? It’s like one big roast–a laugh a minute.

There have been some weird things too. Like people “stalking”–that person who was needy way back when who is still needy now and just can’t seem to get enough of you. Messaging you every single time you go online and knowing your profile way better than you do.

Being “un friended” by someone who also doesn’t return your e-mails can also be slightly uncomfortable.

Having a friend request being sent over and over with messages attached like, “if I’ve done something, please let me know so I can make it right” when really, you just have nothing in common with this person and don’t want your Facebook bogged down with every single person you’ve ever met in your entire life.

Sometimes reading a status and thinking, “what in the world are they thinking?” or getting mad at that person in my head. That’s when I know I have to crossed the line and need to step away from the computer…

That being said, I need to pare down my friend list, shut the computer, and remember to live real in real life.


3 thoughts on “the Fenomena known as Facebook”

  1. Oh my gosh that is too funny – I just spent over an hour on facebook looking up everyone I went to college with to see how many of them are married/have kids/have more kids than me. I think I need to shut off my computer too 🙂

  2. Great post; so true. I can’t believe we made the cut to be mentioned in your blog! I feel like a movie star. 🙂 (I’m also very glad we found each other on facebook!) I hope I’m not a stalker. 🙂

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