Funnest Friday

Rosie's Diner by you.Today was a “day off” for Dan. Friday is our Saturday.
Taking the advice of another ministry wife, I try to arrange
a very special outing on daddy’s “day off” to really set it apart
from the other days of the week.

I spent $0.90 on to get a $10 gift certificate to the famous Rosie’s Diner. Remember those commercials for Bounty?

Short Stack + Cobblestone special by you.

At 8:00am on the dot, Liam and Elli came into our bedroom dressed in their best clothes.

Liam was wearing black dress shoes, navy blue dress pants, a plaid collared shirt, and a jaunty corduroy newsboy cap. Elli was wearing a navy blue velvet dress, tights and pink Keen’s. I wish I had a camera handy. It was precious.

Elli's pancakes by you.

They said, “time to wake up mom and dad. We’re going to a very special Rosie’s diner today.”

Dan and I groaned with tired grins on our faces, and dragged our weary selves out of bed, showered, and dressed just as fine as our dapper little sprites. We loaded up into the van, and off we went. To the diner!

Addi's eggs 'n bacon by you.

Except for an older couple and a trucker, we basically had the place to ourselves.

We ordered:

  • Addi–scrambled egg, bacon, hash browns, toast & OJ
  • Elli–pancakes & OJ
  • Liam–pancakes & OJ
  • Dan–Food Network specialty–cobblestone french toast & coffee
  • Jenna–fried pecan roll, hash browns, & coffee
My fried pecan roll w/ hashbrowns & diner coffee by you.

It was SOOO good. And we had such a great time tasting each other’s breakfast selections.

We loved finding something “new” that we think our families from the east coast and the south will enjoy while they are here on their next visit.


2 thoughts on “Funnest Friday”

  1. Rosie’s diner hostess was one of my very first jobs. sometime i’ll have to tell you a story that ends with me spilling a tray full of milkshakes in front of a whole table of people waiting for them…

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