DVD review: Read and Share DVD – Volume 1

Read and Share DVD Bible - Volume 1 by Gwen Ellis: DVD Cover
I was pretty excited to review a DVD rather than a book from Thomas Nelson. Not that I don’t love to read, mind you. But my kids l.o.v.e. to watch shows, so this was something we could do together!
The DVD is approximately 60 minutes long, but it is broken down into 12 segments. Each is no more than 5 minutes long.
My kids were mesmerized the entire time the DVD was running (I think it was more like 40 min total in length, and we haven’t watched the special features yet). Each story was told very simply and illustrated very clearly. I appreciated that the narrators and characters spoke very slowly, so you didn’t miss a single word.
The colors were brilliant and eye catching. The music was calm and soothing.
Although not made with the latest and greatest in computer animation technology, the truths and the stories were there, told in childlike simplicity.
I told my husband that this would be a great resource for any/all churches to have in order to introduce a Bible story or teaching. I have no problem giving this a great recommendation and I am absolutely thrilled to own a great resource I can sit my kids down to watch knowing that is it a very wholesome show that holds their attention and teaches them about God’s word.

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