It’s day 1 of spring break, and already I am feeling broken

Today I tried to try. Although I feel stuck in a shell of misery at being stuck in freezing cold, snowy Michigan while Dan plods off to work like every other week of the year and (even though it’s totally not true and just feels like) everyone else is on their Caribbean cruise for spring break, I am making an effort to make the week special for the kids.

Today I printed off Easter egg coloring pages and made a basket out of an old shirt box. I taped the basket on the wall and invited my kids to cut out and tape up their decorated eggs.

Which was working great until Addison decided to draw an egg on the wall and color it there with brown marker (TYL that they were washable).

OK, so my great plan was starting to go a little off course. To try to redeem it, I got the great idea to draw, decorate, and cut out the characters and setting of the Easter story.

I used a brown paper bag to make a big cross. Liam drew a donkey, Jesus, and a guard. Elli was drawing an angel with a halo while I was working on cutting out a tomb (how ironic, huh?). All of a sudden I realized it was silent in the room. Silence is not golden in my house. It is indicative of severe disobedience or maleficence afoot.

chop--left side by you.

I looked up and spotted Elli wielding scissors, a guilty look on her face, and a mullet-esque haircut.

I jumped out of my seat like it was charged with 1,000 volts of electricity. Liam said, “what did she do?” as I dropped to the floor to confirm my suspicions.

I screamed, “she cut her hair!”, then got my voice under control and at a rational decibel level firmly told Elli to put down the scissors (immediately!) and proceed to her room (“for your own safety, because mommy is very upset that you would do this AGAIN”).

Me waving the white flag by you.

Then, I sat down, looked at the brown paper bag cross hanging directly above me on the wall and breathed.

I’m waving the white flag. I give up. You have beaten me. I cannot do this alone. (Cue music: Jesus Take the Wheel)

I didn’t want to commit or have to confess a sin. I needed some space to work through the disappointment (mainly in myself that I somehow didn’t see my daughter cutting her own hair as she literally sat across the table from me) and figure out how not to lecture, guilt, yell, or do anything to make the situation any worse.

Oh Elli... by you.

A whimpering Elli came out a few minutes later and said, “I’m sorry mommy, for cutting my hair.” To which I replied, “I’m sorry too because I know how you’ve been trying to grow it long and now we’re going to have to cut it short and start over again.”

After finishing our Easter decorations and scenery, we cleaned up snipped bits of paper and hair and proceeded with a bath and the haircut.

Smug by you.

E. J. handled it well despite the fact that it will probably be a good year before we can do braids (poor thing, her hair grows SO slowly) in her hair again. The next time we wash her hair I’ll need to clean it up a bit. Her hair is so fine it is very hard to cut.

Not to mention she can’t sit still, my scissors are practically safety scissors they are so dull, and I have no training in hair-cutting besides the dinky DVD from 1989 that came with the hair clipper set.

from the back by you.

As of this writing, I have eaten a 6 x 6 inch Butterfinger brownie, the sun is starting to come out, the neighbors brought over the newspaper (coupons, comics, grocery ads–oh happy day!), the mail just got delivered and the kids are having some nap/quiet time in their rooms. I’m in the home stretch for day 1 of spring break/leading up to Easter weekend.

It’s getting brighter…


4 thoughts on “It’s day 1 of spring break, and already I am feeling broken”

  1. I am not in the Carribean either and I have yelled I my children today more times than I care to admit. I am heading to Chicago tomorrow with Ryan for work and am hoping the hotel pool will occupy my children for hours at a time. But I will be around Thurs and Friday if you want to do a playdate. There can totally be chocolate involved. Plus I have a little present for you 🙂

  2. david had a friend over today and the noise level was insane. he was having fun but i plan on having a glass of wine this evening and living in my comfy jammies tonight.

    and, if it makes you feel any better, i had david’s hair cut yesterday and the woman BUTCHERED it. she literally cut off his bangs. it will take months for that to correct itself. sigh…

  3. Oh my. Oh my. Well her haircut does look super cute. I could not have managed that by myself (just ask my Barbie dolls). Our first day of spring break involved 5 inches of snow. Quite fun for my Florida kids. We can’t wait to see you all Wed. I picked out a fun (I hope!) craft. No scissors involved 😉

  4. For what it’s worth, I think her new haircut is adorable.

    I’m so sorry about your stinky day. If it’s any consolation, I was so angry at my loud children in the mini-van on Saturday morning that I slammed on my brakes as hard as I could in the middle of a country road (plate of cookies and sausage dip went flying) and screamed at them to SHUT UP. Nice, huh?

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