Book Review: The Noticer

I was sent this book before it was even released in order to read it, review it, and help create buzz for it’s release on Tuesday.

I started the book and have to admit to being intrigued by the concept. A wanderer, named Jones (not Mr. Jones, just “Jones”), seems to know a lot of people, and a lot about people, but they know nothing about him. He seems to appear in times of crisis and bring context and insight and clarity into people’s lives.

If you’ve never read a book before, you’ll be wowed by this book. Unfortunately, for this devourer of books I found the dialogue to be quite cumbersome and unnatural. The situations are unbelievable and disconnected.

What is such a shame is that there is a lot of fantastic wisdom, truth, and great insight about life contained in between the lines of the tale being spun.

This book reads like a third draft. It’s just not quite finished and polished. And it makes me sad to have to give it a sub-par review because there’s are many great nuggets of truth. Sadly, the small glimmers of truth get lost in the overzealous elements the author attempted in the telling of the story.


1 thought on “Book Review: The Noticer”

  1. I finished reading this book on the plane (in hopes that the second half would make up for the first) and closed the book disheartened. I’m so sorry Andy, missed the mark by a mile. The concept might have been more effective as a children’s book. I did, however, greatly enjoy the historical vignettes I had never before read or known. Those were interesting. You have great content and ideas, but room to improve in execution. (Someday, when I write and publish a book, I will send you a copy to review so you can return the favor–I hated having to write this review, but I must be honest)

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