Not just any raincoat

bluerainI lost my raincoat. I don’t know how in the world one loses a coat. But somehow I did.

My raincoat was to me what Linus’ blanket is to him. Kind of old, ragged, nothing special, but always there.

If it was the slightest bit chilly outside or inside, I just threw on my raincoat. If I was wearing a frumpy outfit and needed to go out, the raincoat covered all areas in question and hid my fashion-less clothing choices.

I’ve spent hours being miffed at myself for losing a large article of clothing, making a list in my mind of all possible locations where I could have left it, and making up elaborate stories of who might have been desperate enough to steal my raincoat. Not to mention the hours I’ve spent surfing the web trying to find a decent-priced replacement (who knew raincoats were so stinking expensive?)

Until Friday.

Fridays are Dan’s day off. Because we were sick this week and Dan had to come home mid-week to help out, he took Friday morning off, but headed out after lunch to play catch-up.

Until I heard him pull into the garage just a few short hours later. Puzzled, I went out to greet him in the garage (quietly as Taye was napping) and ask completely perplexedly, “are you home for the day?”

His answer–a very-proud-of-myself grin and an arm extended in my direction giving me a hanging bag from Nordstrom Rack.

Inside was a new raincoat. Not a practical mommy-looking raincoat, or a duck-yellow plasticky raincoat, but a name-brand designer raincoat that is actually trendy (and it has a hood and POCKETS!)raincoat

I was touched. I had no idea he could tell how this raincoat thing had really knocked me off kilter.

I would never have been so bold as to choose that coat for myself. I obviously don’t see myself the same way that Dan does. In the mirror I see tired, haggard, out-of-date and given up on myself “let’s just try to make it through the day” mommy.

According to the bright-colored Michael Kors raincoat hanging on my coat rack, Dan somehow still sees the youthful, professional, likes to look nice and should be proud of herself Jenna.

Just another reason why I love him so.


1 thought on “Not just any raincoat”

  1. Aww, what a sweet husband! I love the way you wrote about the difference between how you see you and how he sees you. I think that is so often true, not just in our marriages, but in our walk with God too. We see ourselves as losers that always get things wrong, but God sees us as His children, His precious creation. Changes my perception of myself at least.
    Great post – really made me think!

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