Liam Daniel turns 7 today. I liked to call him my “burrito baby” when he was little and now tell him that since he was born on cinco de mayo, there will always be a party on his birthday.

I’m loving watching Liam grow up. This boy is the most kind, thoughtful, sincere kid I’ve ever met–his name, meaning “protector” fits him perfectly. He’s all boy, loves the outdoors, biking, Legos, but loves people more and can’t stand to be alone or to think he might have hurt someone’s feelings or let them down.

I’ve been amazed by how he just picked up on reading this year. Overnight he went from sounding out letters and trying to crash through words to a full-fledged, “oh, I can read that mom” kid. (Note to self, time to get this guy a Bible!)

When his teacher and the school guidance counselor pegged him as an exemplary kid to help lead a “friendship club” and mentor other boys in first grade as to how to be a good friend, I could not have been more humbled and give glory to God. With both Dan and I attending Christian school growing up, sending our own through the public school system has been a leap of faith for us. And we’re finding God to be faithful and our children to be stronger and deeper in their faith journeys than we could have ever imagined.

The dreams I dreamed for Liam when he was born are written from me to him in his baby book. This is one special little boy, so similar in looks, personality, and giftedness to his dad.

Liam, I love you to pieces. Thanks for bursting into our world and making us parents. Your insatiable curiosity and love of life gives me wind in my sails. I love how passionate you are about everything. As Grandpop Hoffman used to say to us, I now pass on to you, “Keep your eyes on the Lord”.

Now I can’t wait for you to get home from school and do the scavenger hunt I’ve got worked up for you!


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