I wonder

I wonder if he had any idea what this day would bring. If he thought about staying bundled under the warm covers and skipping church. If he wasn’t in a good mood and not really wanting to come–on the verge of willing to make the lame excuse phone call rather than having to make the effort to get up, get dressed, get there.

I wonder if he even enjoys volunteering every other week, or if it’s something he does out of obligation or guilt. Or if he just really loves welcoming people and giving out information from the Welcome Center.

I wonder as he put the band-aid on my little boy’s raw wound if he was arguing with himself about just staying quiet or offering to reveal that he was a surgeon and that we could just jaunt over to his office and he would stitch up the tear. I wonder if he thought we really wouldn’t take him up on his offer.

But he did. And we did.

And after I saw the way he skillfully and intentionally placed the sticky part of the band-aid on the bottom flap of the gash and pulled it up ever so gently so the jagged crevice of skin sealed itself together, I had no doubt that this man whom I’d never met before in my life would be fine suturing my son’s first serious injury.

I wonder if he was excited to be able to use his gift in such an unexpected way. I wonder if he was excited to do something he was really good at rather than something sort of mundane. I wonder if he felt affirmed that he could loop five tiny sutures and if he had any idea of the huge relief his offering us not to have to head to the emergency room with its excruciating wait time and exorbitant bills proffered to us.

I have no idea. My fortune cookie tonight said “you have an active mind and a keen imagination”. So, yes, sometimes I can wax poetic about daily happenstances.

But today made me think. Do I see needs I can help with and choose not to? Do I overhear someone mention the need for child care and fail to offer my help? Do I drive by the person wielding the “Homeless, anything helps” sign without digging for a granola bar, a buck, or sending a prayer heavenward for them? Although I’m not a highly skilled surgeon, might I be denying others the help and overwhelming gratitude I myself experienced today? Or do I jump in without thinking, having the mind of Christ always ready to help and serve in any way that I am able?

I wonder.


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