A Warm Allegory

Author’s note: This was written in lieu of a “Thank You” note to a family that did an amazing act of kindness towards us. I didn’t think any old card would do, so I “made” my own!

Once upon at time there lived two families. One lived in a castle behind a flowy stream, and the other lived in a cozy little hut at the edge of the woods.

It happened one day that the handle crank to the well of the family in the woods broke. The handle was repairable, but it would take the carpenter many days to craft the new part.

The family in the woods was able to melt snow in order to have clean water, but after a week they became tired of the hard work of finding and melting snow for water, and two people in their family even became sick.

The family who lived in the castle heard about the family with the broken well, and they insisted that this large family—even with its sick members—move into the castle until their well could be repaired.

The big family from the hut piled what they would need onto their bony, white nag and made the trek up the road to the castle. Upon arrival, they were wowed with the big rooms and fun diversions the family in the castle had. But they were even more amazed that the castle family told them that anything in the castle was theirs to use.

The hut family was allowed to order anything they wanted to eat from the castle kitchen and help themselves from the giant storeroom. There was even a magic pump that dispensed golden honey anytime someone needed a cup of the life-giving amber liquid.

The castle children opened the doors of their playrooms and invited the hut children in to play with them and all of their toys all day long. They had many fun times together, singing and dancing, building imaginary villages, arranging beads into beautiful art, and gleefully being chased by a friendly bumble bee from the meadow that buzzed the most enchanting tune.

The hut children were not simply offered a corner or piece of stone floor to sleep on in the castle, but in fact they were offered the finest beds in the house. The castle children offered to sleep on the floor just so that their new friends could have the most comfortable places to sleep—even giving up their own straw mattresses!

Every night after all the children were sleeping, the castle owners treated the hut owners to the finest products they had purchased from the marketplace—even some they had hidden on the highest shelves of their cabinets to ensure that thieves did not steal their finery. They would talk and laugh together sharing stories of their lives or play games of great wit and cunning.

When the carpenter finished fashioning a new handle and the well at the hut was fixed, both families were slightly sad that their great adventure together had come to an end.

As the family was leaving to return back to their hut, the king of the castle gave the hut owner a gift to remember them by. It was a tiny ashen ukulele that they could use to play the special music the families had played together and enjoyed so much.

The hut family returned to their home amazed at the kindness and generosity of the family that lived in the castle. And although the hut children were glad to be home, they cried themselves to sleep because they missed their castle friends very much.

The hut owners marveled that the people in the castle were willing to open their home to them and show them such great kindness and generosity and bear their presence with such grace and patience.

The family in the hut knew they could never repay the family in the castle, but vowed that they would spend the rest of their lives looking for ways they could act out the same kindness and generosity that had been shown to them and be of assistance not only to the family in the castle, but to anyone else in their village that might be in need of help.

And the King of the entire land was greatly pleased with the family in the castle.


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