Yesterday was…

Yesterday was…


The weather here in Georgia suits me. For a girls who has been cold for probably 94.6% of her life (New Jersey, Ohio, Colorado, Michigan), I love the warmth and the abundance of sun here in the south.

We saw mountains, trees, apple orchards, turkeys and bunnies. It was invigorating being out in nature. You can have your Kindle, iPad and Wii, I’ll gladly trade mine in for  hayride where I do nothing but sit and twirl a piece of hay around my finger for an hour watching the breeze blow through the cornstalks and discussing the slight color variations of apples in the orchard we are lazily bumping by.

We attended church as a family. I hope this will always feel so new and exciting for me. We are experiencing true sabbath, where we rest together then we worship and learn together then share an entire day together. I know this season is short-lived as we are antsy to serve and not just attend, but for now I’m soaking up every Sunday instead of dreading it.


We celebrated Taye’s “birthday”, which I call “Taye day”. Which is such a struggle for me on so many levels. The other adoptive moms know exactly what I’m talking about…

I was disappointed in my kids a lot yesterday. Which means I’m disappointed in myself as I’m the one they act like and I’m the one that’s training them. I have a lot of work to do and need to, yet again, re-up my parenting game.

Today is…

A blank slate. I have so many things rolling around in my head, and I’m trying to organize them and buckle down and choose to do only the BEST things today.


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