I’m up a tree

This is the picture Mr. T brought home from preschool today. I guess they spent the week studying the first family. And, shame on me, all week I assumed they were studying the Obamas. Thankfully by Thursday I put it all together (Christian preschool + “first family” = creation/the story of Adam & Eve)

It appears that the class did a little craft where they used scissors and glue, learned shapes and colors, texture via the cotton balls, spatial awareness etc to create a picture of their family.

I know the picture is blurry, so I’ll tell you that each little pink “person” has the name of someone in our family written on it. And one  person is CLEARLY…um…well…not with the others in a conventional location.

The person who got stuck up the tree is me. “Mommy”.

I laughed about it with him and the other kids. But the Tater Tot is nothing short of extremely bright. He lets us all know exactly how he’s feeling at all times.

I know where I stand with the little guy. And I’m ok with it. I am willing to not be his BFF in order to be his parent. I’m honestly just glad the “Mommy” character wasn’t ripped up and thrown in the trash can or scribbled out with angry slashes of marker.

We’ve come a long way in the past 2 years with this little guy. He’s got so much potential and so. much. willpower. Not to mention a whole lotta spunk and color to his personality. And drama. And the best smile ever. And willpower.

When I asked him why he put me in the tree, he had a sparkle in his eye as he not so convincingly said, “so then you can get all the apples”. I didn’t buy it, but I pretended I did. We’ve got each other’s numbers. Let’s just say I love a challenge and this is going to be a fun, fun life making applesauce from the apple tree I have been assigned to dwell in.

3 thoughts on “I’m up a tree”

  1. Okay – I love this. Why? Because it really does show so much of his personality. You could look at it as he sees you as the leader of you all. I mean… you’ve got the highest position there. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Praying for great applesauce.

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