Secret recipe revealed! Hot buttered Cheerios

I’m not exactly sure where this recipe originated, but I like to think it was one of my mom’s brilliant concoctions.

My dad despises the smell of popcorn, but we kids needed a salty snack on “movie night” growing up. I’m guessing my mom substituted this snack so that we could feel like we were eating popcorn without having to stink up the house with the smell of ye olde microwaved Orville Redenbacher (especially when it burnt–ewwwww! Worst. Smell. Ever.)

  1. In a medium-large sized skillet, melt a hunk of butter over medium-high heat (I usually do about half of a stick or 1/4 Cup)
  2. Once it has all melted and is starting to bubble, pour in a bunch of Cheerios (depending on your love or hate of butter, health, and grease tolerance level, you can adjust the amount of butter to Cheerios accordingly) I think I do 4-5 Cups per 1/2 stick of butter, although truth be told I would much rather use the entire stick…
  3. Toss/stir the Cheerios into the butter well–you want them all to get a little bit of the butter on them! Keep moving them in the pan–they will start to toast and brown a bit. Don’t let them burn.
  4. When they are nicely browned, sprinkle with a pinch or two of salt and pour into bowls to eat while watching your favorite show together. They taste best when they are HOT from the pan–they’re crispy and crunchy.

Make sure you have enough ingredients to make more, my kids ALWAYS ask for seconds. Except for the butter and salt, it’s a pretty guilt-free almost healthy snack! Be sure to enjoy with a tall glass of icy cold water, milk, or 100% juice.

5 thoughts on “Secret recipe revealed! Hot buttered Cheerios”

    1. You’re so funny, KP. The only way to screw it up is to burn the Cheerios or to use way too much butter and make them soggy/shrivelly. Enjoy!

    1. Those are easy–just put a T of butter in a saute pan and slowly saute hot dogs unti they have a crispy, crackly, buttery outside. It’s the second best thing to grilling 😉

  1. One thing I remember when making these in the 80’s was to finish them off by roasting them (already buttered and salted) in a 9 by 11 pan in the oven. Every 15 minutes stir for a total of 1hour. Oven should be 250 degrees. This will keep them crisp for days.

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