Real Simple

Moving into our new house, I felt a huge responsibility to “do it right” this time. All those years of reading magazines and thinking “what a great idea” and never following through on it has finally sunk in.

Probably the most simple yet revolutionary thing I’ve done is in the bathrooms. I purchased a plastic shower caddy for each of the bathrooms and put in each one

  • a sponge
  • roll of paper towels
  • bottle of Windex
  • bottle of Clorox Cleanup
  • toilet scrub brush
  • any other cleaning/scrubbing/disinfecting supplies needed for that particular powder room
At any time of day or night when I am in a bathroom and see toothpaste spittle dried all over the sink bowl, handsoap splashed on the mirror, or worse yet that one of the boys “missed” I can take care of it right then and there.
No more am I a slave to hauling products out from under the kitchen sink or being foiled by someone using the bathroom that harbors all of the bathroom cleaning supplies at the exact same time that I desperately need to clean the can.
This is not a new idea. I don’t claim it as my own–probably every women’s magazine ever written has encouraged putting cleaning supplies in the room you will use them in. I’ve just never tried it before. But I’ll never not do it again.

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