Making mistakes into mohawks

As I was picking up Mr. T today, the helper who brought him outside said to me, “I’m just the messenger, but did you already know that Taye got a ‘haircut’ today?”

Of COURSE I didn’t know about it. The poor helper didn’t know anything other than she had been instructed to let me know that there had been an “incident” with Taye’s hair today.

I quizzed Taye on the way home. I was mostly concerned with finding out if he had done this to himself (or others), or whether it had been done unto him. If his story is correct, a friend did this to him (and possibly 1-2 other friends?)
Post-production note: got an e-mail from the adult in the room letting me know that Taye cut his own hair when her back was turned and when she turned around he was madly trying to “mash it back onto his head to re-attach it”. *sigh* 

The drive home was like a roller coaster–you know how it goes. You vacillate between anger at the adults in the room who didn’t catch the Edward Scissorhanding going on until all of a sudden you feel guilty remembering how your own daughters lopped off inches of each other’s hair on your watch. Then you’re angry again that you’re paying tuition for him to be in a safe place and not to come home with chunks out of his hair and one second later you are almost in tears at the realization that he could have lost an eyeball to those scissors and thanking God that it’s just hair and it’ll grow back.

In the end, we arrived home and I pulled out my handy dandy clipper set.

With the droning buzz of the clipper and with each falling lock of curly brown hair, I thanked God that I had Taye and that he had hair. That he’s healthy now. That he’s here. And I thought about friends of friends whose kids have cancer and don’t even have hair right now and felt ashamed at myself for being so bratty about the entire event.

In the end Taye, who looks a little more like Mr. T than ever sporting an almost Mohawk, and he and I ended up looking at his new hairdo in the mirror and collapsing into near-hysterical giggles. It was a precious moment. One that never would have happened had the “great scissor incident of 2011” not happened.

in EVERYTHING give THANKS; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus
1 Thessalonians 5:18 


3 thoughts on “Making mistakes into mohawks”

  1. I remember when Maggie did this at preschool. I happened to be passing by in the hall and heard, “Oh Maggie, you mommy is NOT going to be happy with you.” **sigh** It was of course the week before a big family reunion. She ended up with an adorable bob cut that we kept for several years.

    So glad you were able to share a giggle with him about it. Amazing what God uses to bond us isn’t it.

    1. At the dinner table last night, we realized that 3 out of our 4 kids had all cut their own hair. The percentage is high, it’s just gonna happen. We can get upset, or we can deal and remember it fondly-ish 😉

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