Bloom where you’re planted

When I was in kindergarten, we did a fall “program” showcasing what we had learned about apples, Thanksgiving and such.

I sang a special number called “Bloom Where you’re Planted” with two other girls. I still totally remember the lyrics, or at least most of them, I think?

Only God can count the apples in a single seed
Only he knows just how many there will be.
All the possibilities
Are the person that he sees
When he looks inside of ME.

Bloom where you’re planted
Show what you’re worth
God plants His flowers all over the earth.
Bloom where you’re planted
And if you’re sincere,
You can go anywhere on earth from here. 

I remember having the great idea for me and my fellow singers to wear bonnets to sing this song. I have no idea why. I told them to smuggle a bonnet to the show, not to tell their parents, and that we’d put them on as a surprise before we went on stage to sing. I think everyone WAS surprised to see their little girls standing on stage in their Sunday best dresses with Little House on the Prairie-esque bonnets tied around our heads.

The lyrics to this little song have popped into my head often since our move to the south. I don’t think I had any clue as a Kindergartener what these words meant, but they sure do mean a lot to me as an adult.

I’m attempting to find a new context in which to bloom. Trying to sit down and decide “what are the good things I could be doing” as opposed to “what are the BEST things I could possibly do with my time and talents?”

I’m trying to be patient with God, as I tend to be the “I wanted this to be all figured out and done YESTERDAY” kind of person. I’m starting to see the rest of my family figure out their contexts, make friends, and begin to put down their roots. I’m setting down my roots too, but I’m still waiting for someone, anyone, to notice that I’m even here.

I’ve been using this “down time” to really dig into God’s word. To soak it in and work on my spiritual disciplines so that whenever “it” comes along, I’m ready.

And until then, I’ll just keep on resting in the fact that God knows why I’m here. And like a proud parent, he’s just bursting with pride, excitement and anticipation for “that day”.

The day when I sit down over a mug of steaming cocoa and reflect on how I ended up in this life,  and it all becomes clear why I am right here right now.


2 thoughts on “Bloom where you’re planted”

  1. Hi I loved that song and all of them from that album “I am Gods Project”
    Here is the link:

    Here are the lyrics:
    Bloom Where You’re Planted

    Bloom Where You’re Planted
    Show what you’re worth
    God has his flowers
    All over the earth
    Bloom Where You’re Planted
    And if you’re sincere
    You can get anywhere on earth from here

    Bloom Where You’re Planted
    And become a part
    Of God’s lovely garden
    The pride of his heart
    Bloom Where You’re Planted
    And if you’re sincere
    You can get anywhere on earth from here

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