Missing: quiet and time

I have one boy upstairs napping…well, probably less like napping and more like resting, and another one home sick from school today who is way too old for naps so he’s reading in bed. This is supposed to be my “quiet time”. But it is by no means quiet.

Henceforth I just cannot seem to concentrate on 2 Timothy and I cannot for the life of me come up with a mission statement other than “I am tired, frustrated that the boys are interrupting my Bible study quiet time, too easily distracted, and I just want to skip this question right now.”

I had texted a friend a bit earlier about the particular Bible study I am going through right now with her–we are supposed to be doing it concurrently, but with Dan gone last week and me flying solo I was unable to get to my study one or two days. Then life happened, things like a sick kid up 4 times in the night with severe choking/breathing attacks due to croup, a trip to the (new) doctor, calling pharmacies to find one that carried the prescription we needed then finding the (new) pharmacy. Sprinkle in a dead car battery, clogged toilet, the need for groceries and mouths that needed to be fed, a project requiring a visual aid that’s due TOMORROW, a parent-teacher conference, pre-school pick up and drop off, snacks for the soccer game. laundry and just sheer exhaustion and now I’m even further behind.

You would think that having 3 kids in school and one in preschool 3 days/week would allow me some good chunks of quiet time, but it doesn’t. Chances are high that someone is home sick or that’s the only time I have to schedule a doctors appointment or some other thing that can only be or is better done sans kids, and poof, it’s gone.

I would love to get up at 6am and do Bible study, but my kids have to get up at 6:10 to get ready for school and catch the bus. Do I bump my wakeup time to the egregiously early 5am hour and attempt to start my day in the middle of the night?

And now I’ve just e-mailed a bunch of women from my small group, who indicated they might be interested in doing a Bible study together, that I’m willing to meet either early in the morning or late at night to make begin a new Bible study with them.

The problem is, when am I going to find the time to do all these Bible studies? One for our small (couples) group, one with my friend at a distance, a new one with the ladies, plus the one I’m doing all on my own?

I was texting a friend earlier who helps keep me accountable to my regular Bible time, and she mentioned that she’s adding another study to her que as well. I wrote, “I think Bible studies are like kids. Just throw another one on the pile, they’re so worth it.”

And I truly feel that way until I sit down in a chair, and it’s moderately quiet, and I get my big Bible in my lap, my pen and notebook and materials all lined up and attempt to focus. That’s when exhaustion kicks in and collides with the distraction of little legs that are supposed to be inert due to sleep are instead annoyingly kicking the wall over and over and over and over… like today.


3 thoughts on “Missing: quiet and time”

  1. Here’s my advice. Pick the one study that is the most important, or allows you to actually fellowship IN PERSON. You need community too. And in a new city, that is hard to get right off the bat so you have to put in the effort to create it. Maybe set a couple of those studies aside to do occasionally when you are blessed with extra time and fully focus and chew on the one that is the new focus with your new community. You and Dan can create a time together one or two evenings to work side by side, or together, on the small group couples study. It might be time to trim back a bit…that’s what I had to do!

  2. And I’m so thankful that I did…because now I have a lovely group of women that I adore and look forward to seeing every week, which helps me with my study, because it motivates me to be prepared!

    1. Thanks for this wisdom, Lu. I have already decided to make set my personal (Jonah, I finished it but want to do it again) study aside until I finish the one I’m doing at a distance with my friend. Trim back, yes, I think I will. Thanks for the good advice!

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