Mom card

I found a used set of Little House on the Prairie books (only missing the “Farmer Boy” book) at the library booksale a few years back and snatched it up to someday read with my little girls.

One winter night a few years ago I just couldn’t wait for my girls to grow up enough to begin reading them so I piled them next to my bed and plowed them all through again.

At about the same time that I was reading “Little Town on the Prairie” and got to the part where Laura desperately wanted little name cards to exchange with her friends, Dan had just gotten his business card freshly reprinted bearing his new title at work.

I’ll be honest: I have desperately missed the working world, having a title, a paycheck, a context, an answer to the question everyone asks me, and something to define me. After having babies and suffering from PPD and getting very involved in and connected with the PPD world of support groups, mom groups, medical groups etc I decided that despite being a stay-at-home mom I, too, needed name cards.

I found a deal where cards were free and I only had to pay $3 and some change for shipping. I designed a cute little card and waited anxiously for its arrival.

I have never spent $3 so well. I probably gave out 100 of those little cards. To moms for playdates, to people looking to find resources on PPD, more recently to fellow adoptive families we ran into, to friends and family.

Those 3.5 x 2 little rectangles gave me the most immense amount of pleasure and ease with which to share my information. Not to mention it didn’t matter whether or not I had a pen on me and I never had to worry that the person I was giving my info to couldn’t read my doctor-esque scrawl!

When we moved to Georgia, the fourth thing I did after unpacking toilet paper, bedding, and the French press was to hop online and order new cards with my new address, phone number and e-mail address.

I have never been happier that I did this. It’s made it easy to give people my contact information for potential play dates, coffee talk, a connection that could turn into a job someday, or just plain someone that might remember running into me if they ever need me for any reason. And almost everyone who has gotten one has been delighted to giggle and say, “Oh, a mom card! How fun!”

So, I’ve got my mom card. Do you?


5 thoughts on “Mom card”

  1. Super cute!! I need to order new ones! I want to get ones that say “so and so’s mom” that the kids can give out at school to their friends when they are scheming play dates. Our school directory is so stupid. It only list the kids’ names and not the parents. Totally inhibits a smooth conversation the first time you call and try to connect to a another parent. Rediculous.

    1. That is a little zany about the school directory! Love the idea of the one with the kids’ names on it for play dates…sounds like I need a second set 😉

  2. I made family cards when we first moved so we could connect with new friends we made. I even added a family photo to help friends connect names and faces. So helpful!

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