And God said “aglet”…

A few months ago we received one of those local “money saver” magazines. I flipped through the pages and instantly the “I want, I need, We must” monster sprang up in me. I wanted to give my family the gift of culture by going to see the Nutcracker ballet. Let the story of the Grinch come to life on the stage downtown. If we couldn’t get the kids to Disney this year, I thought “let Disney come to them” at the Phineas & Ferb LIVE show.

I began looking up ticket prices, multiplied them by 6, added the processing fees and an extra $15 for parking. The Nutcracker  was almost 4 times more expensive here than it was in little ol’ Michigan last year. The Grinch…well, we didn’t have enough green stuff to go see his green self. But the Phineas & Ferb LIVE show was only a tiny bit outside of our reach.

I had the tickets ordered, in the cart, confirmed and ready to purchase. But I stopped to pray before clicking the button, and something made me hesitate.

The past 6 months been a non-stop nightmare of fiscal hemorrhaging. We’re committed to living debt-free, so we’ve been living on a strict budget, which gets exhausting. I dreamed of how it would be SO NICE to do something fun and indulgent together as a family where we didn’t have to think or worry about the expense.

I slammed my computer shut without purchasing the tickets and let the beautiful dream fade away, focusing instead on practicing contentment.

A few weeks ago I entered my name and “encouraged” Dan to enter his name as well to give us a double chance at winning a local drawing for tickets to go see the Phineas & Ferb LIVE show.

I forgot about entering the contest until I got an e-mail with a “what do you know–your name was chosen for the tickets to go see Phineas & Ferb LIVE!”

I threw back my head and laughed out loud. God truly cares. Even for indulgent desires like getting to go downtown and enjoy a kid’s show that has absolutely no religious attributes, redemptive value or moral emphasis to it. It’s just plain fun. Indulgent, funny fun-fun.

God cares. Even about the “little” things.


2 thoughts on “And God said “aglet”…”

  1. That’s really cool that you won those tickets! You are right, it is so exhausting trying to live debt-free! Good for you for sticking to it!

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