Picking Pittman

Against my better judgement, I read my little local newspaper. Quite frankly it scares me to death. They list all the DUI’s, drug busts, thefts, and more…AND they list the street or development where the criminal lives.

Last month there was a drug arrest for someone who lives two lefts and one right turn away from our development on Pittman road.

I don’t really like taking the Pittman road cutoff. It winds all around and you’re whiplashed back and forth from having to see trailer homes in disrepair plopped next to a castle-sized villa that looks like it dropped out of the sky straight from Tuscany.

But recently in studying the Psalms, I was told to pray for my city. So I started praying for Cumming.

And lately, knowing that someone desperate or broken enough to be dealing and using drugs is close by, I have felt compelled to make the turn and drive Pittman road praying as hard as I can with my eyes open as I drive down that road.

p.s.–I also will not shop in the evening at the Kroger where a car was stolen, and where thieves congregated then were chased on foot and captured by a police officer. If I must shop after dark, you will find me at the well-lit Publix that has not yet been reported in the local paper as the scene of any shenanigans.


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