Devotions for my kids–baptism

Read 2 Corinthians 5:17

In John 4 there is a story of the woman at the well. Jesus asked her for a drink then told her things about her–secret things that no one should have ever known–then told her about salvation. The woman understood Jesus’ message and was saved that day. She immediately RAN to town and told everyone she could about her meeting with Jesus–she just couldn’t help but tell everyone that her life had been forever changed! We need to be like the woman at the well, so excited about God’s forever changing our lives that we can’t help but show and tell others that we believe in Jesus.

Baptism is one way that you can show on the outside what’s happened to you on the inside.

Remember the baptisms we’ve see at church? This is what they were symbolizing.

I was saved when I was in first grade, but I didn’t choose to be baptized until I was in fifth grade. I remember my pastor preaching a sermon about salvation and baptism, and at the end of the sermon during the closing song, I couldn’t stand in my pew (I had to stop and tell my 7 year old what a pew was) any longer, I just KNEW that I needed to get baptized so that I could show and tell everyone that I was, indeed, saved and ready to live my life for Jesus.


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