PTA all the way!

Just to give you a little update on what’s new in my post-stomach-flu world.

  • Today, I will head to Taye’s preschool to enjoy “Wild West Day” with him, dressed in my cowgirl finest. We will eat hot dogs and he will bounce on things. I will not bounce so soon after stomach flu…the hot dog eating part is also up in the air for me.
  • Afterwards we will make the arduous journey to Costco to replenish all the supplies and necessities that ran out at exactly the same time. Important things like laundry detergent, coffee, dishwasher detergent, string cheese, tissues, and drink boxes.
  • Get kids off bus, chaotic snack/homework time.
  • Dinner and change out of western duds into something professional-ish looking (aka, something besides the usual $2.50 T-shirt from Michael’s and clearance CK jeans I wear 6 days/week).
  • After dinner I’ll head over to the kids’ new school, Kelly Mill Elementary School, and get a sneak-preview tour of the brand new building by the new principal.
  • After the tour, I’ll head to the kids’ current elementary school cafeteria where I hope that at least 25 parents will show up and vote me onto the PTA board of the new school in the position of VP for Communications.

What started out as an e-mail of “hey, since I’m going to have four kids at the school, I’d love to be involved. Let me know how I can help”, ended up in an interview to sit on the PTA board and volunteer my time and talents to serve the community via the school my children will be attending.

Here’s what I don’t know: what I will be doing. It’s a brand new school, a brand new PTA, so we get to write the “job descriptions” of what we will be doing. (Helloooooo, HR background!)

Here’s what I do know: I’m not getting paid. I will be volunteering what is the equivalent of a parttime job. But I am doing so knowingly and willingly. Because I believe so strongly in parental involvement, a strong education system, putting my feet to the street, serving my community, and being a light to those around me that the investment is worth my time. Not to mention getting to be at my kids’ school and get to know their friends, teachers, staff, other parents. To see, know, and be a part of their away-from-home daily lives.

Then I will likely come home and collapse into bed where I will fall asleep watching Biggest Loser.

So, what’s your Thursday look like?

4/19/12 @ 7:51am p.s.–I wrote this post yesterday. BEFORE Ellison woke up at 11pm and vomited every 10 minutes until 5:15am. So I get to do all of this stuff today on a total of about 47 min of sleep last night. FUN!


4 thoughts on “PTA all the way!”

  1. From one vp of comm to another…it is the most important job on the board. Seriously. Parent involvement is deeply contingent on parents feeling connected and motivated. Good luck!!!

    1. I didn’t know you were PTA all the way, too! I’ll have to hit you up for ideas–what has been successful and what has been a flop.

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