The little one stops to check the time…

Liam Daniel turns 9 today. I was nearly gripped with panic yesterday as I realized that will begin the countdown to having a child in double digits just one short year from now. I just don’t like the implications of that on my own age…

I liked to call Liam my “burrito baby” when he was little and now tell him that since he was born on cinco de mayo, there will always be a party on his birthday. I’m starting to get a little more scared about telling him this the more he grows up and starts to understand how a lot of people celebrate cinco de mayo. Knowing him, though, I think (and hope) he always chooses bowling and cake instead.

I’m honestly loving watching Liam grow up. This boy is the most kind, thoughtful, sincere kid I’ve ever met–his name, meaning “protector” fits him perfectly as he makes sure his little sisters are safe on the bus and at school and that his little brother is treated well by others. He’s all boy, loves the outdoors, soccer, Legos, Star Wars and reading books, and in his quiet way he deeply loves people too. He is always thinking, those wheels are always spinning even though he is quiet and frugal with his words. He watches and remembers everything. I’ve loved watching him dive into God’s word and quietly begin to apply the virtues he is learning.

I cannot keep enough books in the house for this kid to rip through. He takes reading breaks to go outside and kick a soccer ball around or run laps around the house. When he’s done outside he settles into a reading spot where either Dan or I are in his line of vision before he nose dives into another 30-45 minutes of ferocious page-turning.

I hope this isn’t the year that he stops coming into our bedroom at night to talk our ears off, giggle at our making up silly puns and jokes, play board games with us or just crawl in between Dan and I with a book and read until bedtime comes and he gives us gangly, awkward hugs before he marches off to bed. For my quiet, non-huggy boy, these special nighttime rituals are precious to Dan and I.

Liam, I love you to pieces. Thanks for bursting into our world and making us parents. Your insatiable curiosity, boundless energy, positivity and love of life gives me wind in my sails. I love how passionate you are about everything and I’m excited for the untapped potential year 9 holds for you.


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