Devotions for my kids: PEACE

PEACE=finding a way to work it out
Memory Verse: “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” Romans 12:18 (NIV)

Read about a family fight in Genesis 13:5–18

What was the problem? (verses 6 & 7)

Who was the argument between? (verse 8)

Who worked it out? (verse 8)

How? (verses 8 & 9)

Set up a scene to show the disagreement between Abraham and Lot using Legos, Barbies, stuffed animals, real or paper people and make a short video with mom or dad’s iphone or photo booth. Make sure you narrate the story so we know who is who, what happens, and how it ends.

Have you ever had a fight with someone in your family?         YES         NO

Describe it here:

How did you work it out?

How did you feel during your fight?

How did you feel afterwards?

Have you ever heard me say, “Hey, stop arguing with each other! You’re family, so you’re stuck with each other for life and you’re going to have to figure out how to get along”? Well, it’s true. Friends will come and go in and out of your life, but family is forever. If you don’t believe me about friends changing, name the following:

  • your BFF from when you were 3 years old ___________________ (mine was a Cabbage Patch Kid named Christopher Michael)
  • your BFF from preschool ___________________ (I don’t remember the names of any kids at preschool, only one kid who threw up his lunch almost every day, ick!)
  • your BFF from Kindergarten ___________________ (I loved my teacher, Mrs. Rinker)
  • your BFF from 1st grade ___________________ (I think mine was cousin Danny)
  • best friend in your neighborhood ___________________ (whatever missionary kid’s family was home on furlough: Julie, Tammi, Jeff…there were lots and they were different every year!)
  • favorite friend at church ___________________ (mine was the pastor’s son named Mike)
  • who you would like to have over for a play date today ___________________

Get the idea here? Friends in your life will change, but your family will always be your family and will always be in your life. That makes it even more important to work things out with family members and to learn how to get along with them.

Can you imagine what might have happened if Abraham and Lot didn’t figure out how to work out their problem? They could have ended up arguing, then getting their families and servants to take sides and argue too, then get so frustrated and angry that they decided to fight it out and go to war against each other, which could have resulted in people being killed. Thankfully, they made peace BEFORE things got out of control and before anyone got hurt. Don’t fight with your family. Always work things out as soon as you can and keep the peace.

When you and a family member get into your next disagreement, what will you do to help you remember to make PEACE right away?


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