Like running a marathon…in a space suit: a metaphor wrapped in an analogy

It’s been an interesting week.

An organization that I am volunteering for had its first meeting.

And it was fascinating.

For someone who triple-heart loves rules and policies and procedures, I’ve decided that in this arena some* olde rules and ways of doing things are actually a huge encumbrance to our being able to forge ahead. I described it to Dan thusly, “it’s like we’re trying to sprint a marathon while wearing a space suit”.

What I mean is we have a small amount of time to fit in an exorbitant amount of work. No one on our team is really experienced or seasoned. All of us were initially just “willing”.

I told someone recently that the reason I signed up for this volunteer work was because I didn’t have money to give, but I do have time and a few skills that might be useful. And it’s something I believe in very much and feel is worth my time doing. And anything I put my name on I am determined to do WELL.

Right now, though, I’m sitting here wishing I were made of money because it would be so much easier to just write a check or throw a couple of bills at the monstrous project hovering over me and my team and run away. Far, far away. To run fast, not having to run wearing the space suit someone else decided we all ought to cloak ourselves in for this task.

I did not choose for us to have to run this race wearing the space suit, I would have chosen to run unconstrained. But the decision was made for me and my team and handed down to us, so I’m climbing into the suit. But there will probably be times when I take off the helmet to gasp for some air, shed the boots, or figure out how to run a leg or two of the race purely in the nude.

But don’t worry, I’ll figure out how to do that without offending anyone or disqualifying our team from the race or earning us a penalty. Because, remember, I do love me the rules.

Never thought this would be me, but it is. And I’m ready and raring to run…even if it is in moon boots.

*almost all, or at least 99.76%


2 thoughts on “Like running a marathon…in a space suit: a metaphor wrapped in an analogy”

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, HJ, and the way you worded it is out of this world! Trying hard to be supportive and not malign anyone or anything, but when there is a need for change, there is a need for change.

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