Devotions for my kids–PEACE week 2

Read or listen to Genesis 26:13–33 (NIV) or click here to read a children’s version of the story at

Circle the reasons different people in the story asked Isaac to move:

  • jealous of Isaac’s wealth
  • he was living on someone else’s land
  • his flocks were too big
  • Isaac was mean to everyone
  • scared Isaac would take over their land
  • Isaac was raising dangerous animals
  • herdsmen fighting over the wells
  • Isaac was cursed and causing the drought

How many times did Isaac move in this story?       2      4      6      8

How many times have you moved in your lifetime?

Is it easy or hard to move? (If you’re not sure, ask a grownup!)

Isaac ended up in the place God had prepared for him, where he could live in peace and to continue to prosper despite there being a drought in the land. If Isaac had decided to fight and stay at one of the other wells, he might have missed out on the awesome ending to his story.

The coolest part of this story (besides Isaac ending up in the perfect place to live) is that at the end of the story (vs 26-28) Abimelech the king–who originally told Isaac he had to move because he was becoming too rich and powerful–came to Isaac and asked if he could make a peace treaty with Isaac. Why? Because the king saw that God was blessing Isaac for making wise choices and for being peaceful instead of fighting. The king was impressed with Isaac and wanted to be a part of what he was about. As Isaac’s story shows us, peace is more important than winning.

Memory verse challenge game Cut out the words to the verse below. Flip them over and mix them up. Then turn them over one by one and put them in order.


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