You’re welcome!_natural peanut butter

I have always dreaded opening up a brand new jar of natural peanut butter. Especially when I am in a hurry. And I am always in a hurry… I almost alway slop the top oil over the sides and make the jar slippery for now and evermore, amen while trying to stir said oil into the brick of solidified peanut butter molded to the bottom of the jar.


I have figured out that after buying a new jar of natural peanut butter, I simply store it upside-down on the shelf so that the oil rises to the BOTTOM of the jar. Then when I open it for the first time all of the oil is on the the bottom of the jar, safely below the slightly softened peanut butter alleviating the spill, making it a hundred times easier to stir (sometimes after doing the upside-down trick you don’t even need to stir it! *gasp*), and returning me to joyfully consuming natural peanut butter in a non-slippery jar.


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