YES day

I’ve been living in a house with a brand new puppy for a week. I can not believe the amount of times I hear the word “no”.

“No! Do not chew on my shoe!”

“No-no, puppy, you stay in here.”

And when he nips at my kids’ heels and isn’t deterred the first time he is corrected, I hear an interminable series of “no…no….no…stop it…No…NO BITING…NO, NO…NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO………MOM!”

Almost everything he tries to bite, eat, play with, or where puppy wants to go to the bathroom is a giant “NO!”

Speaking of bathroom, there have been a few times I have gone into the bathroom this past week to hide and rest my ears from the tiresome “no’s”.

It made me think that the puppy’s world of “no, no” is probably very similar to the world my kids feel like they’re living in sometimes.

“No, you can not play games on my iPhone.”

“No, you can not go over to Jesse’s house right now.”

“No, you may not have an ice cream sandwich for breakfast.”

Knowing how much I’ve hated hearing “no” about a million times a day and how demoralized I feel even though they’re not directed at me got me to thinking. Maybe I ought to try having a “yes” day. A day where I say yes to everything.

“It can’t be done”, you say. And that was my first reaction too, but the more I think about it the more I am convinced that, YES, it CAN be done.

I’m not going to tell my kids (or spouse) that I’m doing it. I’m just going to pick a day and every answer will be “yes”, somehow. It is going to take some mental preparation on my part…I’ll have to be on top of my game and ready to be really creative and think outside the box.

I’m already thinking ahead to what will happen when they catch on to my game and start sending the really outrageous requests my way.

“Can I chew 57 pieces of gum?”
“Yes, I’d like to see you do that.”

“Can we have candy for dinner?”
“Yes. Eat as much as you want. I’ll line up a babysitter and Dad and I will go out on a date.”

“Can I get a tattoo?”
“Yup, as soon as you support yourself and live on your own.”

“Would you like to play tea party with me?”
“Yes, that will be much more fun and memorable than reading people’s Facebook statuses.”

Can you imagine the joy and delight this unbridled positivity will inject into your family! Just picture the shock and delight as you agree to bend the rules just this one day. Imagine the memories this day will create…”remember the day mom let us jump in the pool with our clothes and shoes on?”

Honestly, you might think you are doing this for your family, but if my hunch is correct, you will find that you are the one that benefits most from this experience and exercise. And even after your “yes” day is over, I think you’ll pause before you automatically fall back into your routine of saying “no” to everything. And life will be a little sweeter.

So what do you think? Are you going to try having a “YES” day? Come on…don’t you dare say “no” to me!


3 thoughts on “YES day”

  1. I have totally done this and it is amazing. I was actually going to write about it, but you took the words right out of my head 🙂 It’s hilarious because at first they are tentative, asking for little things like candy for breakfast, but by the end of the day they have touched and examined everything in the house, made gross food concoctions, and bathed in their clothes.

    1. I love it! Especially love the progression from little to GIANT requests–that’s what I’m anticipating/fearing the most 😉

  2. I have thought about this so many times!! It would be wonderful to say “YES” for a whole day! You are brave and I wish you much success with your “YES” day. And that your children will appreciate both the yes’s and the future no’s. Please write about how it turned out. Maybe I will be brave enough to try it as well.

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