I bumped my elbow while trying to open the door and walk into my boys’ room. With a frustrated sigh I dropped to my knees and did the full-arm swipe to get all of the Legos off to one side so I could vacuum a small patch of carpet in the middle of their bedroom. While angrily vacuuming, I decided that instead of being frustrated with them for being so slovenly that they are content to daily live and walk on Lego land mines, it was up to me to make their room more functional and give them some more room to play.

I enlisted the begrudging help of Saturdaying hubby and we took the two bedside/coffee tables out of the boys’ room and moved them to the living room, which is totally devoid of any tables and really probably needs them (along with some table lamps…it’s a vicious cycle…) more than the boys’ room did anyway.

Their desk fit perfectly into the space previously occupied by the bedside tables, and the dresser easily moved to where the desk had just been. It was like a giant, 3-D sliding puzzle. After arduously picking up “stuff”, sorting, vacuuming then moving each piece of furniture to the tiny piece of real estate another had previously owned, we stood in the doorway and looked around. Suddenly, this petite, claustrophobic, overwhelmingly cluttered space felt like a “huge room”.

I was stunned that three simple changes could make such a vast impact on a space.

That was when I was struck by the thought that the same could probably also apply to my life right now.

Are there three simple changes I could make to unclutter my busy schedule, better manage my time and headspace, make my life feel less closed off, help me de-clutter and instead afford me pockets of clean, uncluttered, open space where I can revel and play?

So I guess my next step is to sit down and figure out what I want my life to look like before I can figure out what needs to be removed completely, what needs sorted or adjusted, dusted off, moved to the side or placed front and center. And that’s kind of a scary place to go. It’s a “dare to dream” moment that hasn’t presented itself to me in almost a decade.

I know it’ll take effort. And it might take a few tries before I get it right. It may or may not be fun, and more than likely I’m going to need some help here and there. But I need and want to rearrange so I–like my boys in their “huge” bedroom– can be happier in my space.


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