Pimples and dimples

DimpleIt started one night as Dan and I were playing “Apples to Apples” with Liam after the younger three kids had gone to bed. One of the cards said “pimples”.

I asked him if he knew what pimples were of if any of his friends had them, and he said (brushing me offingly, like, c’mon mom) “yeah, it’s those things on your cheek–Addi has one right here” and proceeded to smile big and point to his cheek and rotate his finger like he was digging in and making a “ding” noise.

I giggled–a little bit out of relief. “No, dude, that’d a DIMPLE. A pimple is…well…”

Dan jumped in with, “I’ve got one here right now” and pointed to his face where he had a blemish on his cheek.

I asked, “do you know why people get pimples?”

Liam responded a muttered “no”.

Deep breath, you can do this….“Well, I get them if I’ve been eating too much junk food, (oh come on, you wuss, let’s do this!) and a lot of kids get them when they go through puberty.

There. I said it. Puberty. It’s out. I’ve not shied away from using the word.

Liam didn’t pick up on the fact that I had just dropped a new word into conversation. Like not at all. In fact, he didn’t seem to care, and when Dan started to say he gets pimples when he’s stressed out or when he touches his face too much, Liam lost interest and was right back to trying to beat us at our game.

SO, that was the end of that fireside chat. BUT, it has begun. Not gonna shy away from “normal” conversations that easily lend themselves to having some potentially awkward but very important conversations about things that are coming down the line for the pre-pubescents in our house.

But that does mean that I’ve got to brave up and crack all these boys books I checked out of the library and try to find one that I think is good and appropriate for my voracious reader child to be a tool that will help us more easily have those conversations with him to make sure we are using the same lingo and on the same page.

Next up, book reviews…


2 thoughts on “Pimples and dimples”

  1. Can’t speak to the boy thing. But, with my girl, we went on a retreat to discuss all the changes that were coming without daddy being around so she wouldn’t be embarrassed. It was an awesome overnight complete with eating ice cream in bed at the hotel and then having “the talk.” The goal is to make the retreat an annual thing so she always knows she can ask me the hard questions without embarrassment.

    It was just in time too. Boy howdy has puberty hit our house!

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