rain_room07It’s been raining since Sunday. Having gone to college in Ohio and lived more than a decade in Michigan, I am used to a lot of rain a lot of days in a row. But being spoiled by the southern, sunny weather in my 1.5 years living in GA, this week has felt gloomy in comparison.

For some reason, the grey and rain has not dampened my spirits this week. Maybe it’s because:

  • I got an e-mail from a friend saying, “I need you”…and I felt affirmed
  • Doing Joshua 1:8 with motions with my kids is entertaining and connective…and I felt like an Orange Parent
  • I crossed a lot of things off my list…and I felt effective and worthwhile
  • I prayed for Africa to be blessed with the rain we have been fortunate to enjoy this week…and I felt gratitude for my situation
  • I got a text from a friend saying “I need your help…will call in 15 min”…and I laughed like the old days
  • I got croissants from the grocery store’s bakery–fresh from the cooling rack…and I felt lucky to live the life that I do
  • I said a kind word and got a big smile in response…and I felt like I was living like Jesus wanted me to
  • I put an invitation out there with fear and trepidation, and people took me up on it…and I didn’t feel as unwanted as I usually do
  • I celebrated an honor at school with my daughter…and I felt pride in the child I’ve worked hard to raise and the gift that she is
  • I walked into a cleanish house that smells like an amazing pot of chili…and I know I’ll be nourished and don’t take it for granted
  • I found a package of ping-pong balls at the thrift store for 99 cents…and I knew the joy it would bring my kids to finally be able to try out a homemade version of the “Junk in the Trunk” Minute to Win it Game
  • The county sent a reminder of the “inclement weather and school cancellation policy”…and I felt a surge of hope that I might get an unexpected day home with my favorite people in the whole wide world

And because of the rain, I’ve been focusing on practicing thankfulness. And in that practice, I am finding that I have so much hope.


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