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Isn't it time for a coffee break? Blog tour with

I’m so excited to be a stop on my author friend’s book’s blog tour! And she’s even offered to give away a great prize package (see below). But don’t you dare scroll down and skip this to get to the prize part…take a minute to read a little bit about our friendship and her inviting me into her journey of authoring her first full-length book, then enter to win!

Two years ago my friend Amelia helped me paint the walls in my Grand Rapids home to help get it ready to sell before our whirlwind move to Georgia. She ran some ideas by me about possibly registering to attend conferences on public speaking and writing. Over a squeaky paint roller, I urged her to go for it no matter the cost!

I can totally believe that just two years later she is a published author and has speaking engagements on her calendar. I love how she seeks God’s heart for her life, then attacks it with a vengeance.

While writing this book, Amelia asked me to help her “check the grammar and verses” in “Isn’t It Time for a Coffee Break?: Doing life together in an all-about-me kind of world“.

Although Amelia originally invited me into the living room of her writing process to check commas and verse references, I barged into her bedroom and pulled out her sock drawer dumping it onto the floor and suggesting different orders, words, pieces, snippets, edits, or tones in the content. And she LET me. So gracefully, as only a true friend would. Because this amazing girl didn’t write this book for herself, she wrote it for each and every one of you. As as act of obedience and worship to her heavenly Father. And because she is so bubbling over with love that she just can’t keep it in and all to herself, she’s just gotta share. Not to mention she has the BEST stories to tell.

Little did I know that this project, while throwing myself into it for the sake of all of y’all out there, was really meant for my own heart. I have a sneaking suspicion that my wise-as-an-owl author friend knew this from the beginning.

While working through the first chapter on love, I had an epiphany about what it meant for love to be a verb; that “love isn’t the fuzzy feeling you get when someone gives you a hug, love IS the hug”, and blogged about it here.

My author friend lives an amazing story, and I’m so thankful for the words she painstakingly penned (or tapped, if we’re being literal) over many cups of coffee, sugary treats at Ella’s, and agonizing tears of self-doubt and confidence over a task she could have easily said “no thanks” to. But she truly loves every single person she’s ever met, and is on a mission to either make them her friend, or connect them to someone else who will be their BFF from now until eternity.

You’re going to be challenged, you’re going to be encouraged, you’re going to be a better friend because of this book.

Isn’t it Time for a Coffee Break? offers humor and insightful Bible-based encouragement that will inspire a new outlook, as you begin to discover the beauty and fulfillment of “doing life together” with your sisters in Christ. Drawing from her own life experiences and the stories of others, Amelia takes a closer look at doing life together according to God’s plan. Journey through topics such as:

  • The Aroma of Relationships: Love
  • Brew a Strong cup of Friendship
  • Share a Cup: Generosity
  • Experience the Variety of Blends: Hospitality
  • Filter out the Grounds: Unity
  • Sweeten Your Cup: Forgiveness

With six short, easy-to-read chapters (chapters can be read in less than 15 minutes…yes, I timed myself #nerd), and discussion questions for each chapter, this book is great for small groups or book clubs.

Check for Isn’t it Time for a Coffee Break? at your local Christian bookstore, or online at AmazonBarnes & Noble, or

Enter to win a Coffee Break prize package from Amelia! The package includes:

  • 1 copy of Isn’t it Time for a Coffee Break? (and if I know Amelia, I’m going to guess that she’ll even sign it for you!)
  • 1 handmade coffee sleeve (made by Amelia’s mom, I have one and I LOVE it!)
  • 1 handmade necklace with a coffee cup charm (made by Amelia and her novelist friend Susie Finkbeiner)
  • 1 set of 5 handmade coffee themed notecards (made by Amelia and they are adorbs!)
  • An assortment of coffee themed items such as a mini-notebook, pens and sticky pad
  • A $5 Starbucks gift card! (Sorry it’s not a Louis Vuitton bag as advertised yesterday, Fbook friends…)

Rules: Starts today and ends Wednesday, January 30, at 10 p.m. (’cause that’s what time I be going to bed!) A winner will be chosen at random and notified on January 31.

To Win: Leave a comment on this post in the comment section answering this question: Which chapter sounds like it would “hit the spot” for you?
To earn extra entries:
  • Tweet about this giveaway, including a link to this post.
  • Post this giveaway on Facebook, including a link to this post.
  • Quit lurking and straight up tell me which post on my blog, Quite E-musing, is your favorite and why.

Please be sure to leave a comment for each of your extra entries! I hope you win!


63 thoughts on “Blog Tour stop: Prize package giveaway!”

  1. “Experience the Variety of Blends: Hospitality” sounds like a chapter I need! Making it a goal to invite more people to our home this year, but I think true hospitality has a deeper element that I often miss. Still figuring out what that mystery element is. 🙂

    Recently read the “batgirl” series and it had me laughing (at your expense, thanks for that) while also feeling empathetic!

    1. If I ever get a tattoo (which will be…ummm…never) it would be bat fangs on my left ankle. It’s ok to laugh now that I’m on the other side and have survived AND paid off all the bills.

      Yes, that hospitality part does have a certain ingredient necessary…AND what’s awesome is that we’re told to PRACTICE it–not be perfect at it from the get-go. So make a goal to practice it a few times this year and get better at it. And for heaven’s sake, don’t look at Pinterest or magazines and set a standard for yourself that no one can achieve! All you need is love…

    1. Yes–it’s so good. And in case you don’t win, I have a copy you can borrow. Or better yet, maybe we can start a women’s group and read it together! I like that idea…

  2. I’m too ADD to read directions thoroughly.

    So the chapter I’m looking forward to most is the one on love. Been having a lot of conversations about the love behind friendship lately & would *love another perspective 🙂

  3. I’d like to read Brew a Strong Cup of Friendship, recently starting over at a new church and living in a small town that most people have lived in since birth makes it hard to know where to start sometimes!

    1. Oh girl…you have no idea how this comment got right to my heart. I’m right there with you and so thankful for our Fresh Sheet Fridaying together–despite the distance!

    2. Oh Nicole. How I can identify with your comment. My opening story in the book is about starting over in a new town, not knowing a soul, and standing on a church’s sidewalk trying to be brave. Then God showed up. I’ll be praying that He shows up for you in ways you can’t deny and that He fills your table with new friends!

  4. I can relate to so much of what you write…but you know my favorite post is Fresh Sheets Friday! Mine are in the dryer right now:)

  5. I think the chapter Experience the Variety of Blends: Hospitality might hit me most as I haven’t felt hospitable in ages (I used to think I was very hospitable.)
    I posted on Facebook with a link to this post.
    Do I have to say what blog post is my favorite? I love your blog! It’s always like “oh, my gosh!” hitting me right… THERE! Yeah, that’s it! So, they’re all my favorite. 🙂

  6. The Aroma of Relationships: Love. I feel like if I could master that or at least practice it well, I can make it in this life. It’s a topic that I feel bleeds into every relationship in my life. My spouse, my kids, my family, my friends, my coworkers, the lady checking me out at Walmart. I pray my children would learn it well too. Guess that means it needs to be modeled well by me first, the Mama. 🙂

  7. Share a Cup: Generosity – I’ve always thought of myself as a generous person, but we’re noticing some not so generous attitudes in our children. Which makes me think that maybe they’re getting some of the attitude from their parents (that would be me). Thanks for sharing the book. It sounds wonderful!

    1. I think I’m guilty of the same thing–usually what I see in my kids is them mimicking me. Yikes! Sure raises the stakes for trying to live a different life and set the example for them. Thanks for the comment!

  8. I’m thinking the “Strong Cup of Friendship” chapter might be the best one for me right now. Losing your BEST friend long before you should have to makes you a little gun-shy about allowing yourself to have another one. Oh, I have lots of friends, and they’re good ones at that. And, my husband is truly my best friend. But, I do miss that girl BFF thing. I feel like God is pressing me to let that happen again.

    1. Kathy, I am so very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing this with us. And while no one can ever, ever replace your friend, I pray that God will enable you to experience that type of intimacy again with another woman.

    2. Oh Kathy, this brought me to tears. I miss your bestie too, and I didn’t get to meet her here on earth, I just missed her! But I KNOW how many people she impacted and still love and remember her today. I’m with you…hesitant to let anyone in that deep, but I know God has not called me to a life of hermitage, but of rich, full, sweet, STRONG, beautiful community. Love you, friend!

  9. My favorite post of yours is the about the jars you bought for the office. Mostly because you took words that I just said and turned them into something to know about God. It made me think a lot about how God speaks through us even when we don’t know it. And, that He speaks through everyone to us. We just need to listen.

    1. Yes, yes, yes! I love that one too–you are so inspiring, gracious, and awesome and pointing people to God. Just one of the things I admire about you.

  10. Brew a Strong Cup of Friendship – Like others, I feel like I’m starting over. Leaving RBC after 9 1/2 years to become a full-time mom was definitely the right choice for our family, but I didn’t anticipate the changes in friendships that came along with it.

    1. Kim, I’ve walked your path. Literally. So true…but I CAN give you hope in the fact that you will find yourself in the company of some amazing women who have chosen to leave the workplace for fulltime momming. It was in that season of my life–although leaving a job I triple heart loved was the hardeest decision that I’ve ever made–that I walked through some deep valleys and found that I wasn’t alone, and that there were some amazing people God wanted me to live with and learn from in that season. I’ll be praying for your new circle of friends as you are making this transition. My BEST decision was to join a MOPS group (at Thornapple Covenant Church where I was just Jenna, not “Dan’s wife”) and the women and program there ministered so much to me AND my Scotts Tots! Maybe try one?

  11. Haaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy girl! I absolutely hosting parties and dinners in my home, so the chapter on hospitality sounds intriguing and fab to me. Great post, friend! Sounds like a fun book! 🙂

    1. I think this chapter is so strong…no pun intended. It really shows you how important love is for any and all relationships. I guess that’s why Jesus talked so much about love–He knew we’d need to hear about it a lot. I wish we lived closer to each other. Someday maybe?

  12. I think this would be one of the best prizes to win! What a challenge & not to mention all the coffee goodies she is including! I think “Filter out the Grounds: Unity” would be the one I NEED to read the most. I can easily get stuck in the “I’m on my own…we’re all on our own…”-mode. thanks for the opportunity 🙂

    1. Thanks for all your entries Kyra. I know, this prize package is INCREDIBLE! Amelia is so generous–and I love that everything is handmade with lots of love. Good luck, and thanks for being a faithful reader and commenter on my blog! Yes, that 3 minute one just got me…I care so deeply for any kid, not just my own, to be safe, secure, and important.

  13. from your blog, I think one that is most memorable & resonates with my nurturing side is your “3-minute rule” post! I long for my little ones to be secure & feel loved & the phone number wasn’t one I was practicing or the address, but now we do 🙂

  14. The chapter, “Filled With God’s Love” spoke to me. God loves me even when I’ve done wrong, or when I feel bad about myself. I can feast upon His Word & He loves me with bad hair & no make up! We can share God’s love with others so that they can know Jesus & live life abundantly.

    1. Today is 3-day unwashed hair, ponytail, faded jeans, no make up, not feeling so great about myself frozen pizza for dinner day, so thank you for reminding me that GOD LOVES ME NO MATTER WHAT–even on my not so stellar days! And that when I’m hungry I have somewhere to turn to be filled up.

    1. Hi Aunt Marcia! I think you’re very adventurous and would actually do some really creative things with this one…thanks for the comment!

  15. I am excited to read this book, especially the chapter “Brew a Strong cup of Friendship”. Since I have lived in Grand Rapids for over 17 years, I am moving to Ohio in a few weeks and I only know 1 person in the whole town. I need to Brew a Strong Cup of Friendship, because I DO NOT ever want to get back into depression. I need friends & need to meet people. I know my kids will make me do that though. That’s why we are moving in the middle of the school year, rather that waiting out the year. An act of faith too, cause our house is not on the market yet & we are moving down then listing it.

    1. Brenna, I have a feeling a lot of why Amelia wrote this book is because she’s moved back and forth (from MI to FL, from FL back to MI) and felt that loneliness and depressions. I have to admit, moving has been HARD. I didn’t know anyone here, Dan moved to a new job and had instant co-workers/friends, and same for the kids with school. This book is ministering to me still a year and a half after a move as I pray and yearn for those deep friendships. I’ll be praying for you in your move–find a church, mommy group, knitting group, Bible study, something to get you with people that have a common ground to get you started. You’re so sweet, friendly, and just all around wonderful that I am not worried about you making fast friends in your move!

    2. Brenna, my heart is so going out to you right now! When we moved to FL we didn’t know a single person in town, and I understand the loneliness and depression. (We also moved back to MI before our house sold in FL…) I will be praying that God drops people into your life immediately that you can connect with and start brewing those strong cups of friendship! Ohio is a pretty friendly state (I grew up there 🙂

  16. Hi Jennifer! Or do you prefer Jen or Jenna? I just wanted to visit your blog and tell you I have memories of you enjoying reading and writing in elementary school. I will never forget you creating a play at my house and recording our voices on a tape recorder. May you continue to support other authors and write what God has placed on your heart. I would be honored if you would check out my new blog post called “Healing Power of Love.” I look forward to following what God is doing in your life!

  17. Hey girlie! I usually never enter anything because of the “what are the odds?” attitude. But hey….why not? The whole book looks amazing. I think I’m most interested in the chapter on love and also on hospitality. I feel like I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by some amazing friendships and women I truly know I can count on for Godly advice and a pick-me-up when I need it, but who doesn’t like their coffee strong? Oh, except me…because I’m more of a tea girl, but you get my point! 🙂 thanks for sharing!

    1. You’re very lucky to have great friends. When you read the book, it’ll help you be aware of people who are “hovering around the friendship table, waiting to be invited to sit down”–aka look for people who are looking for friends and invite them to be one of yours. Glad you let me sit down at your table! Good luck–you never know whose name will be drawn out of the hat!

  18. Oh, and honestly….yours is one of the only blogs I keep up with anymore (mostly due to your FB links, as mentioned earlier). I feel like I connect with almost all of them. Recently, the tamper tantrums one hit me….as I’m living the life of temper tantrums with my little ones. Nothing gets me more frustrated as a parent (well except outright disobedience as also discussed in that article). I say to myself, “Why does she continue to do these things (tantrum, disobey, etc) and CHOOSE the negative consequences that result? Why does she is frequently make poor choices? Ahhhhhhhhh!” Then it hits me….this is how I must look to God, as He says, “Why is she choosing yet again to become impatient and angry? Why does she continue to make poor decisions over and over again?” Parenting is a constant gut check and look in the mirror. Not always happy with what I see looking back.

  19. Girl. Here I am all last minute! But I think I would be most excited about the chapter on Hospility. I need to be better at it and embrace it. I love how you present this book and your sweet author friend. I love that you are steadfast and determined. You inspire me and I’m happy to be apart of your journey!

    1. You’ve done a wonderful job hosting our small group, so I think you’ve done a great job of “practicing” on us!

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