I’ll take “Responsibility” for $400, Alex.

imagesLast night I opened my computer during Jeopardy, which we usually watch together with our 4th grader sans devices. He sat next to me and watched as I began to create a new template for the weekly newsletter I am responsible for writing and publishing every week. Oddly enough, he kept asking questions about what I was doing instead of watching the show.

About an hour later, I shut my computer and headed upstairs to pray with our 9 year old at his bedtime. I complained that I was tired, still had a LOT more to do on the newsletter, and that during Jeopardy I was tempted to just skip working on it tonight and throw something junky together the following day, I knew that I needed to get started in order to do a good job.

He smirked and commented that, “hardly anyone even reads it, mom”. Ouch. He may or may not be right. “But”, I told him through held back tears, “even if only one person reads it, don’t they deserve my best? And God expects me to do my best every time.”

I watched his face morph and change as he went through different stages of realization: first, that he might have hurt my feelings a little bit, next that I was trying to teach him something, and finally, he took this interchange a step further and made his own text-to-life connection.

He grinned. “Responsiblity-doing your best when there’s a job to be done.”


I had no words.

I didn’t need to use any more and neither did he.

We prayed so he could head to bed. And in that moment I was thankful that despite wanting to give up, being tired, and knowing that my hard work is probably 92% in vain (and 100% unpaid), something in me had decided to kick into gear and do the best I could because although I’m technically doing this for people, ultimately I’m doing this for God.

In Luke 16:10 God tells us that “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.” And whether we’ve been given little or much, we are supposed to do our very best. Every. Single. Time.


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