ghost writer

ghostwriterMy feet are still throbbing from a week of hiking through magical moments at Walt Disney World. One of mine happened as we crossed a lackluster bridge in the Animal Kingdom that had some nondescript Walt Disney quotes stenciled on it to fill some white space:

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

I cocked my head as I read this one, then walked away from it. But it didn’t walk away from me. I don’t have a huge dream that I’m always talking about or trying to achieve, probably, quite the opposite actually.

As I’m getting ready to put the last of our Scotts Tots on the schoolbus this year and testing the waters of changing my acronym from SAHM to WAHM, I’m finding myself about as skilled, vibrant, and confident as a piece of plastic wrap.

Only by a chain of events I can’t even string together, I’ve been given the opportunity to ghost write for a few months now, and while the work is challenging, stretching, and sometimes downright frustrating, I’m thoroughly enjoying writing shrouded in anonymity. Something I could have never imagined in my “I want to write a book” days of yore.

So I’m wrapping myself up in my invisibility cloak and snuggling up to covertly tap out letters then string them into words and thoughts that will be read in someone else’s voice. Even though you’ll never notice it, I prefer blending in.

And I cannot tell you how huge my grin was in the Haunted Mansion when we bumped our way through the graveyard of “famous ghostwriters”…the irony was not lost on me!


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