Pots n Pinwheels

updated 3.24.16

I know they’re just pots, but they do more than hold dirt. They retain memories and are a symbol of intentionality for our family.

6 Easters ago, we set up a scavenger hunt. The final clue led to our neighbor’s trampoline, which we had piled with four giant plastic pots, bags of soil, flats of flowers, gardening gloves, shovels, trowels, and a four unique pinwheels.

Each child thoroughly enjoyed filling their pot with a lower level of rocks, then some dirt and some carefully, some exuberantly, arranging and planting the flowers they had chosen.

We wanted these planters to be a visual reminder of the fact that Jesus died for us, that his body was placed in the ground, but that he rose again and something beautiful came out of that wondrous event.

Two years later as we packed up our belongings to move from Michigan to Georgia, I could not leave those pots. And it was a dilemma because if we wanted the pots, we had to get rid of the flowers.

I came up with a solution that seemed the best thing we could do with both. We unplanted the flowers from the pots and took half to my sister-in-law’s house and planted them in various spots around her garden and planters–hopefully they would be a sweet memory of her nieces and nephews. We watered those plants in tears that day–such a beautiful bittersweet goodbye.

The other half we took to dear friends who had just moved into their new home and added them to what we called a “friendship garden”. It colored up their back yard beautifully and we enjoyed taking a picture of the 6 “friends” in front of their newly planted friendship garden as a sweet memory before saying our goodbyes to them as well.

I emptied the big pots of their dirt and debris, washed and dried them in the sun, then made sure they–along with the pinwheels, gloves, shovels & trowels–made it into the pod for moving.

POTSOnce we unpacked, I thought the pots ought to be used for a bit more than giant baskets in a ball-toss game on the lawn. Our new house needed to look like us.

After cruising all the ads online to find the best prices, we drove to a few places and gathered a handful of plants and a few bags of dirt. We got out the pots, the gardening gloves, shovels, trowels and watering cans and we planted. Once planted, each child proudly placed their pinwheel in their garden then skipped away in glee.


It’s been 6 years since we started planting flowers for Easter. Two moves later, our kids are still looking forward to the tradition of planting something new and beautiful in their pots.

I know they’re just pots, but I hope they will last forever. That for the Great Scotts–who have more than graduated from being the Scotts Tots–these will be a constant reminder that no matter where we go, we too, are just a vessel for something beautiful that is alive in us because of Him.



7 thoughts on “Pots n Pinwheels”

    1. Thanks! You win the prize for the person who comments on my blog the very most. Next to my mother, who is afraid to leave a comment here but usually txts or calls me after I publish a post!

  1. And we are still enjoying our friendship garden…until the frost comes, but for now they are still blooming!! I think of you all every time I see the flowers!

    1. I’m so glad it has lasted all summer. How’s the grass in the backyard–did it take? I hope some of the plants we put in the FG will come back year after year as well. Continue to FLOURISH, Amelia. You inspire me to hang in there and keep waiting ’til it’s my turn to bloom (I just got giggling as that last sentence sounds less like I’m talking about flowers and more like we’re 5th graders giggling about girlie things…)

  2. I was sitting under my front “porch” working on a Bible study when a neighbor walking her dog stopped to tell me she liked the pots. I got to explain the whole Easter/Michigan thing to her and somehow that seemed to give her permission to open up about her 30 year old son who has struggled with alcoholism and is currently in a 1/2way house in California attempting sobriety, trying to go back to college and get a degree and turn his life around. You just never know what God is going to use as a touch point in someone’s life!

  3. Those plants DO remind me of the kids and I love the,! So glad you got to recreate a little piece of old down there in the new!
    Love you guys!

    1. Yes, it’s a tiny little thing like flowers, those pots & pinwheels that have given me such a greater sense of “home” in this house. And every single time I see them they make me smile. It’s the little things.

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