Born in Philadelphia Naval hospital and grew up in south Jersey. I’ll always be a Jersey girl (that means I’m a GREAT driver!) and will probably never outgrow my freckles. Had my “come to Jesus” moment in 1st grade and have loved God more and more ever since. Started high school in NJ as a field hockey prodigy and finished it in Colorado (no field hockey there, boo!) Graduated from  Cedarville University in Ohio and got degrees to teach high school English and in Professional Writing/Technical Communication with a Bible minor. Taught high school English in New Jersey, married Dan over Thanksgiving break, and the following summer moved to Michigan so Dan could attend seminary. I worked in Human Resources and began my Master’s degree in Management. He finished his degree but I had 3 babies and adopted 1 so I never finished mine but believe you me I can MANAGE. Dan’s career moved us to Georgia August 2011 and the rest of my story is as of yet unwritten.

I have always loved writing. This blog is just an avenue for me to actually feel some accomplishment at being “published” and “read”.

I also wrote about our adoption here http://scottsadoptionjourney.blogspot.com/

And postpartum depression here http://lifeafterbaby.wordpress.com/


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. I just tried to access your post-pardum depression story and the link is not working. Do you still have that story published? I write a blog specifically on living with depression – what real hope and joy is – and I like to read the stories of others. Thank you for your blog too. I’ve been going to the Orange Conference for 2 years now (this April will be my 3rd). My husband is a senior pastor and we thoroughly enjoy the teaching, speaking, refreshing it provides. And my 4 year old loves the First Look music cd’s!

    1. It’s an entire blog. A big, huge, giant part of me that sometimes I wish I could forget, but is a large part of who I am today…whether I like that part or not. I’ll go back in and figure out how to re-do what I un-did, Samantha.

    2. Samantha, I think I’ve got the postpartum depression blog back up again–http://lifeafterbaby.wordpress.com/. Let me know if you still can’t access it and I’ll keep trying! Keep up the ministry–it’s a dark, lonely place that doesn’t have to be so dark or lonely when people can come by your side and help you through it.

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