Batgirl: I am no longer

This is a true story that happened to me in June 2011…every year I re-post how I became…BATGIRL!

Backstory:  Beginnings
Performing amazing feats of logistics

The day 7 shot was a God-send. I called my regular physician and left a long and rambling message to see if they could help me find a place, other than the mega expensive trip the downtown ER again, to receive my rabies injection: I was having a hard time finding a place in Michigan that had any rabies serum other than emergency rooms, which are $$$ and did not want to administer them to a walk-in since they had them in stock for “emergencies only”.

In a shocking turn of events, my doctor’s office called me back to let me know that another patient at the practice had been undergoing a rabies series and never came in to get their 5th injection. The serum was not yet expired and I could come in to their office and have it administered by a nurse there. Praise God, an easy one! This shot was in my left arm, and I had to sit for 30 min at the doctors office to be observed to ensure I did not have a reaction to the injection. Hmmm…none of the other places made me sit and observed me for a reaction…

Day 14 took place while we were in Chicago. Friends had gifted us a hotel room so we could have some fun family time together after finishing our job at the church but before moving to our new location. I typed the address of the hospital (I had already called to verify had rabies serum in stock) into my GPS and put on my brave face. I found the hosptial, parked, went in and took a deep breath as I told my story. “I got bit by a bat and need to get the next shot in my rabies series…”

Because I was from out of state and because my doctor was as well, a doctor certified in the state of Illinois had to re-write my prescription so that I could get the shot. Apparently bat bites in Chicago are common–the nurses told me they had tons of vaccine here and regularly gave this series of shots–especially to entire families that wake up to find a bat in their house and don’t know whether anyone got bit or not, so they all have to go through the entire series. Yikes! This time my shot was in my right arm.

My fifth and final shot took place in Oklahoma, where the kids and I stayed with my parents for the month of July while Dan traveled the country hosting summer camps. Because we were not yet in the state of Georgia, where our new insurance would cover us, and because we were no longer covered by our “old” insurance we had to do everything out-of-pocket as if we had no insurance.

I had to be seen by a doctor licensed in the state of OK and have him re-write my prescription yet again in order to have my shot administered. My parents’ physician agreed to see me and re-wrote my script. I was the first person he had ever met that had actually been bit by a bat. Yay me!

I took my final prescription to the Urgent Care center and breezed right through, having already pre-paid for the shot at the discounted no-insurance rate (somewhere in the $200 range instead of the usual $1500)

For some reason, that shot was very painful and I was cranky and my left arm hurt quite a bit, but I was thankful to finally be done with this whole crazy process, and told my dad that he was no longer allowed to call me “Batgirl”.THE END.

(Or at least I thought it was until the bills started coming. My first ER visit was nearly $4,000. More bills to come…)


Waiting for the Cali girls

We love having people in our home. It’s easy to invite friends, family, neighbors, people we know or want to get to know better.

But what about total strangers?

When an Orange Conference organizer sent out en e-mail to the staff a few months ago asking if anyone was willing to host people in their homes during the conference, I immediately replied with a “yes”.

In approximately 32 minutes, two women from a church in California that Pricelined their way here, are volunteering at the conference in order to gain free admission, and didn’t have budget for a hotel room will show up at our house. And stay here until Saturday. Today is Tuesday.

Gulp. I’m tempted to Google “the art of repartee” or “good questions to ask total strangers you’ve never met before that are from somewhere you’ve never been and will be hanging out with you and your four kids and eating dinner with you tonight and living in your house until Saturday”.

Romans 12:13, says to “Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.” I’m relieved that the Bible doesn’t instruct me to “purvey perfection when having people in your home”.

A friend recently reminded me that hospitality is not supposed to be me focusing on how I present myself, not trying to impress people with my curtains or bedazzle them with my outfits. But rather hospitality is about taking the focus off of me and caring for them. Making them feel important and at ease. Welcome and wanted.


These church ladies have made a looong journey to come to a conference that will help bolster their faith, strengthen their serving muscles, and encourage their ministry. They are God’s people.  They are in need o

f a place to sleep at night. I have been blessed with a house and extra beds.

The ladies are sleeping in a room that doesn’t have paint on the walls, with sheets and pillow cases that don’t match each other, there is no blow dryer attached to the wall in the bathroom and no TV in their room. They will be  sharing a house with four children. There is no room service.

As Dan and I made the guests’ beds up, I said, “you’ve slept in worse places than this, right?” He laughed and replied, “OHHHHH yes, I’ve slept in MUCH WORSE places than this. Trust me.”

So although it’s not luxurious, it’s not a hovel, either. What matters is that I stop fretting about the barren walls and flutter about these making sure these two weary sisters have everything they need for a successful night’s sleep.

Because it’s NOT ABOUT ME.